Welcome to Hunza Holidays

Experience the confluence of the highest mountain ranges of the world: Karakoram, Himalayas and Hindu Kush, as you travel along the Karakoram Highway, reputed as the 8th wonder of the world, through the dramatic, deep gorges of the Indus: the Lion River. Spend a few days in Hunza valley. Walk to the glaciers flowing down from the soaring peaks. Visit the 800 hundred years old Baltit Fort and find out the ancient culture and living style of Hunza’s Mir (ruler). Meet the rich traditional people of Hunza and feel the real taste of hospitality.

       Walk to the Passu Glacier and Passu Lake (45 minutes one-way). From the snout of the glacier there are spectacular views of Shispar (7611m) and Passu Peak (7478m). Visit the famous suspension bridges of Passu & Hussaini. These 800 feet long bridges over the Hunza River are still used by the local people.

       Trek to the most adventurous places like K2 base camp & Gondgoro-la, Biafo-Hisper and Snow lake trek, Nanga Parbat Trek, Shimshal Pamir trek, Batura glacier and many more areas where you can feel like heaven. The worlds Famous peak K2 and the highest pass Gondogoro-La trek follows the rout up to the Baltoro Glacier (62km) and passes surrounded by the great connection of the above 8000m high peaks in the world.  Concordia (4720m) is the setting point of Godwin – Austen and Baltoro Glacier, Spectacular views surrounded by famous peaks, the K-2 (8611m) world second highest peak, Broad peak (8060m) Gasherburm Peak II (8035m) and Gasherburm I. The route runs to base camp of K2 is the remarkable journey and great explorations. On the way to Gondogoro-La (5668m) is more adventurous to climb the world’s highest pass. Kalash , where living kalashi in the three isolated valleys with approximately 3500 families. The attractions of Chitral and the Kalash valleys to called the “home of the Kafir-Kalash” or “Wearers of the Black Robe” a primitive pagan tribe. In the region of Chitral many high mountains TirchMir (7706m) peak, Itor-o-Nal (7403m), Noshaq (7492m) and famous Shandur pass and Karumbar, Broghal valley, Chillinji pass is the closes natural path between upper Gilgit, Hunza and Chitral valleys.