Shimshal Pamir Yak Safaris

Hunza Holidays, very pleased to offer Yak safaris adventure in Shimshal Pamir. Yak Safaris in Shimshal Pamir is an unforgettable and unique experience in the region. You will get to ride the yak in various trekking points.
Yak: Yaks are bovine mammal. It is ox like in build, its thick legs, humped shoulders, large up curved horns, and a thick coat that hangs down to the ankles. The wild yak may attain a shoulder height of 65 in. (165 cm) and have horns 3 ft (90 cm) long; its coat is dark brown. The domesticated yak is smaller, with short horns; its coat, which may be long enough to reach the ground, may be black, brown, reddish, piebald, or albino. Yaks can live on vegetation so sparse that it cannot support other domesticated animals Wild yaks were formerly found in Tibet, Nepal, West China, Wakhan Pamir and Gilgit Baltistan.

Shimshal valley famous for Yak since a centuries, it’s a main source of milk, butter, meat, hair (for local mat),  leather, transportation, yak safaris and yak polo as well.


Day 01:            Arrival at Islamaab Hoteld/hotel
Day 02:            Drive to Chillas 10hrs / Hotel
Day 03:            Continue to Hunza 5hrs/ Hotel
Day 04:            Drive to Passu 2hrs / Hotel
Day 05:            Jeep drive to Shimshal village 3-4hrs / Hotel
Day 06:            Preparation day in Shimshal / camp
Day 07:            Yak back trek to Wuch Furzeen 3365m, 7-8hrs/ camp
Day 08:            Yak ride  Wuch Furzeen to Shuizherav 6-7hrs/camp
Day 09:            Yak adventure Shujerav to Shuiwwerth 3-4hrs, 4735/ camp
Day 10:            Day free for local Exploration/ camp
Day 11:            Free day/camp
Day 12:            Trek retrace to Arbob peuren/camp
Day 13:            Trek to Bandben / camp
Day 14:            Bandben to Shimshal / camp
Day 15:            Shimshal Passu /hotel
Day 16:            Drive to Karimabad /hotel
Day 17:            Continue Besham 10 hrs /hotel
Day 19:            Drive to Islamabad 6hrs/ hotel
Day 20:            Departure