K2 Base Camp, Gondogoro-La Trek & Hunza Valley Tour

Altitude:          Min 600m – Max 5650m

Zone:               Permitted

Duration:         30 days

Best Time:       June – End of September


The worlds Famous second highest peak K2 base camp &  Gondogoro-La (5940m) trek follow the rout up to the Baltoro Glacier (62km) and passes surrounded by the  great connection of the above 8000m high peaks in the world. This is the world’s unique trek where you real experience the glaciers and highest peaks.

Concordia (4720m) is the setting point of Godwin – Austen and Baltoro Glacier, .Spectacular views surrounded by famous peaks K-2 (8611m) world second highest peak, Broad peak (8060m) Gasherburm I (8035m), Gasherburm II,III.IV and Miter Peak. The route runs to base camp of K2 is the remarkable journey and great explorations. On the way to GondogoroLa (5940m) is more adventurous to climb the world’s highest pass, It gives a panoramic view of K-2 and other peaks.

The natural beauty, the Hunza Valley is the central piece of Karakoram. Hunza Karimabad is the only town, where you view the five famous peaks Rakaposhi 7788m, Golden peak 7027m Diran 7256m Ulter I 7388m and Ulter II 7310m and many below. Hunza people are famed for their long life – above then 100years,due to their unique diet of walnuts and apricot which grow abundantly. Life is fairly simple and less stress.


Day 01:            Islamabad- airport /hotel

Day 03:            Islamabad – Chilas: drive 11-12 hrs/hotel

Day 04:             Chilas – Skardu: drive 8hrs/ hotel

Day 05:             Skardu-Trekking preparation

Day 06:             Skardu- Askoli(3050m): Jeep drive 6-7hrs/camp

Day 07:             Askoli- Jula(3180m): Trek 4-5hrs/Camp

Day 08:             Jula- Paiju (3400m): Trek 5-6hrs/camp

Day 09:             Paiju: rest day

Day 10:             Paiju-Urdukas(4000m): Trek 5-6hrs/camp

Day 11:             Urdukas- Goro II (4380m): Trek 7hrs/camp

Day 12:             Goro II-Concordia (4700m): Trek 6-7 hrs/camp

Day 13:             Concordia: day hike to K-2 (5200m) BC 8-10hrs/ camp

Day 14:             Concordia: Day free

Day 15:             Concordia- Ali Camp (4800m): Trek 4-5hrs/camp

Day 16:             Ali camp Gondogoro La (5940m) Xhuspang (4680m): Trek 7-8hrs/camp

Day 17:             Xhaspang- Schiacho (4300m): Trek 6-7hrs camp

Day 18:             Sciacho- Hushe: Trek 3-4 hrs/camp

Day 19:             Hushe- Skardu : Jeep drive6-7 hrs/hotel

Day 20:             Skardu- Hunza Karimabad 8-10 hrs/hotel

Day 21:             Karimabad- Local exploration

Day 22:            Karimabad- Passu via Attaabad lake drive4-5hrs/hotel

Day 23:            Khunjerab(4700m) Pass- Passu drive 6-8hrs/hotel

Day 24:            Passu- Shimshal village jeep drives 6-8hrs and continues Karimabad /hotel

Day 25:            Karimabad – Raikot Bridge Fairy meadow drive +trek7-8hrs/ hotel

Day 26:            Fairy meadow-Beyal Nanga Parbat trek BC 7-8hrs/ hotel

Day 27:            Beyal – Raikot bridge via Fairy meadow Chilas6-7hrs/hotel

Day 28:            Chilas Islamabad 11-12hrs/hotel

Day 29:            Day free

Day 30:            Departure