Chilinji Pass & Chapursan valley Trek

Altitude:          Min 600m – Max 5150m

Zone:               Permit

Duration:         24 days

Best Time:       June – End of September



This wonderful trek is connects The Chilinji Pass leading from ishkoman broghil & Wakhan corridor in to Chapursan valley upper Hunza. This trek has been a restricted for the recent centuries. It therefore remains one of Pakistan’s most remote treks. It takes trekkers from the Ishkoman Valley (near Gilgit) to the Chapursan  Ziarat, a journey through richly contrasting landscapes. . It is also spelled as Chilinji. This unique combination trek runs through a sanctuary of savage beauty traversing over 4575m Darkot, 4320m Karambar and 5291m Chilinji passes of the Karakoram and Hindukush ranges parallel to the Wakhan Corridor.

Touching the beauties of attractions of Chitral and the Kalash valleys-the home of the Kafir-Kalash or “Wearers of the Black Robe”, a primitive pagan tribe. The pass is 6 miles to the north of Koz Sar peak. To the west of the pass is river Karambar that is known as Ishkoman river south of Imit, and joins Ghizar river at Gahkuch to become Gilgit river. To the east of the pass is Chapursan river that flows southeast and joins Hunza river river at Khudabad at Karakorum Highway. As such, Chillinji pass is the closes natural path between upper Gilgit, Hunza and Chitral valleys.




Day 01:              Islamabad air port and transfer to hotel

Day 02:              Continue to Chitral 7_8hrs overnight at hotel

Day 03:              Drive to Kalash valley (3000m 2hrs

Day 04:              Drive to lasht 8_10hrs 3300)/ camp

Day 05:              Trek to kishminja 6_7 hrs 3300m/ camp

Day 06:              Trek to lshkarwaz4_5hrs (3510m)/ camp

Day 07:              Trek to Tir-e-dasht 5-6hrs 3480 /camp

Day 08:              Trek to lalaly Rabot 4-5hors 3990m /camp

Day 09:              Trek to kharumber lake 4-5hrs 4260m/ camp

Day 10:              Free at the lake

Day 11:             Trek to Shuyinj (3930)4-5hrs camp

Day 12:              Trek to Sokhter Robat 3420m 5-6 hrs/ camp

Day 13:              Trek to Jungle 3600 4-6hrs/camp

Day 14:              Trek to Chilanji H .C (4710m) 3-4hrs/ camp

Day 15:              Trek to Biater 3800m 4-6hrs /camp

Day 16:              Trek to Yerz Yerz 3300 m hrs/ camp

Day 17:              Trek Babaghundi Ziarat 4-5hrs /camp

Day 18:              Drive to Sost 3-4hrs /hotel

Day 19:              Continue to Khunjerab Pass (4733m) and back to Passu village5-6hr

Day 20:              Continue to Hunza Karimabad

Day 21:              Hunza Karimabad

Day 22:              Drive to Besham11-12hrs/hotel

Day 23:              Continue to Islamabad 6-7hrs/hotel

Day 24:              Departure for Homeland