Hunza Deosai Plains Skaru & Fairy Meadows Jeep Safari

Hunza valley the natural beauty, the Hunza Valley is the central piece of Karakoram. Karimabad is the only town, where you view the five famous peaks Rakaposhi 7788m, Golden peak 7027m Diran 7256m Ulter I 7388m and Ulter II 7310m and many below.

Hunza Valley, famous for their long life, due to simple diet and less stress. People of Hunza are very friendly and cheerfully.

Deosai Plain (4000m) means Land of Giants. It is among the highest plateaus in the world. . Between November and May – Deosai is snow-bound. In the summer months it is accessible from Skardu in the north and the Astore Valley in the west. Deosai Plains make up one of the last frontiers of natural habitat for the Himalayan brown bear that once roamed the mountains freely.

Fairy Meadows(3100m: Due to its beauty and  fairy tale atmosphere  also called heaven on earth. Nanga Parbat (literally, Naked Mountain in Sanskrit), is the ninth highest mountain in the world and the western anchor of the Himalayas. Fairy meadow by its huge lush green, meadows, Pine tree and awesome view of mount killer.  The Local name for the peak is Diamir and means “king of the mountains”. Located in the Gilgit-Baltistan region.



Day 01: Arrival Islamabad /hotel

Day 02: Drive to Chilas 12hrs /hotel

Day 03: Proceed to Tato Fairy meadows 4-5hrs/ hotel

Day 04: Trek toBeyal 2-3hrs/hotel

Day 05: Trek to Nanga Parbat BC and back to Fairy meadows 6-8hrs/hotel

Day 06: Trek to Tato and jeep drive to Astor valley 8-9hrs/hotel

Day 07: Drive to Deosai Plain Skaru 6-8hrs/hotel

Day 08: Day excursion to kachora lake (Shangrilla) 

Day 09: Drive to Gilgit 4-5 hrs/hotel

Day 10: Proceed to Hunza 2-3hrs/hotel

Day 11: Day free:

Day 12: Drive to Khunjerab Pass and back to Passu village 6-7hrs/hotel

Day 13: Dive to Shimshal village 2-3hrs/ hotel or Chiporson valley 4-5 hrs/ hotel

Day 14: Drive to Hunza valley 10hrs/hotel

Day 15: Day free to visit Baltit and Altit Fort

Day 16: Continue to Islamabad 6hrs/ hotel Day 17: Departure