Ghandhara Civilization Swat Tours

Gandhara is the name of an ancient kingdom (Mahajanapada), located in modern day northern Pakistan and parts of eastern Afghanistan. Gandhara was located mainly in the vale of Peshawar, the Potohar plateau and on the Kabul River. Its main cities were Purushapura  (modern Peshawar.

 During the 2nd century B.C., it was here Pakistan is the land which attracted Alexander the great from Macedonia in 326 B.C., with whom the influence of Greek culture came to this part of the world that Buddhism was adopted as the state religion which flourished and prevailed here for over 1000 years, starting from 2nd century B.C., until 10th century A.D. During this time Taxila, Swat and Charsaddah (old Pushkalavati) became three important centres for culture, trade and learning.


Day 01: Islamabad/hotel

Day 02: Peshawar via Texila 4-5hrs/hotel

Day 03: Local exploration

Day 04: Swat 5-6hrs/hotel

Day 05: Continue to Kalam  100km 4-5hrs/hotel

Day 06: Jeep drive to Mahodand lake 1-2hrs /hotel

Day 07: Drive to Madyan 44km 2-3hrs /hotel

Day 08: Continue to Malamjabba 2hrs / hotel

Day 09: Drive to Saidu Sharif 2-hrs/hotel

Day 10: Continue to Islamabad 6-7 hrs/hotel

Day 11: Departure