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" 1-Transport from Boarder to Qila punch and Back Border (Coaster coach)
" 2-Guide throughout the tour
" 3-Cook
" 4-Horse (4) for riding (single persons)
" 4- 6Horses for baggage's (50kg)
" 5-permit from Kalamden
" 6-trekking food
" 7-Hotel accommodation two rooms (twin sharing bases) with meals


Services Not Included:
" Room service
" Personal insurance
" Staff tips





Badakhshan Pamir Tour



Day 01: Drive Peshawar to Kabul / 9-10 hrs / hotel
Day 02: Continue to Khundoz 8hrs / hotel
Day 03: Drive to Pul Qumri 8hrs / hotel
Day 04: Drive to Badakhshan 8 hrs/hotel
Day 05: Drive Ishkashum/ 11-12hrs/camp
Day 06: Drive Qazdi 7hrs/ camp
Day 07: Drive to Qila Punch 7-8hrs /Camp
Day 08: Horse ride to Sarhad Broghil 8hrs/camp
Day 09: Horse ride to Borek 10hrs/ camp
Day 10: Horse ride to Langar 10-11hrs/camp
Day 11: Horse ride to Bozo e- Ghumbad 12hrs/camp
Day 12: Horse ride to chiq maq Qul 8hrs /camp
Day 13: Qura Jalgha 8hrs / camp
Day 14: Ghanjboy the last boarder of Afghanistan and Tajikistan
Day 15 to 28 or fly from Kabul to Homeland

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