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Chapurson Valley


The continental plates collided and Hindukush, Karakoram and the Pamir Ranges were thrown up. Now they enclose Chapursan Valley in the far Northern Areas of Pakistan. It is famous for farming the countries best potatoes in the magnificent canyon with its colourful mountain slopes. The river is fed by a number of glaciers - the nearby Wyeen & Yishkuk, and further upstream the Biatar & Kuz Glaciers.

Zood Khun (First House) is the last inhabited village of Chapursan Valley and houses Pamir Serai. An abundance of passes makes it possible for Trekking Expeditions to cross into neighboring valleys: the Lupgar, the Misgar & the Karambar Valleys. The Irshad Urween and Ghulam Ali Passes are still used in living Wakhi Tradition to trade across the border with Khirgiz Nomads.

The Wakhis were mentioned by Marco Polo, who traveled along the Silk-Road and eventually found hospitable places similar to Pamir Serai. They inhabit the banks of the River Wakhandarya in present-day Afghanistan (Wakhan Corridor), Tajikistan, Chinese Xinjiang and Northern Pakistan.

Chapursan Valley is known for a saint, responsible for a devastating flood sparing only a single righteous woman. Legend has it he slayed a dragon, that dwelled in a lake on the way to the Base Camp for Trekking Expeditions: the revered Ziarat (Shrine) of Baba Ghundi where his sword is kept. Inviting a Guest for Chai (Tea), trading with Khirghiz Nomads and Communication & Contacts is part of the long-standing tradition

Treks and Expeditions:

You can do small daywalks from Pamir Serai to the crystal-clear Lakes of Jhui Sam or walk together with local women to the Pamiri Pastures above the Yishkuk Glacier. There are numerous routes around Chapursan Valley, a trek up to Kermin Pass or a tour over Wyeen Glacier & Lupgar Pir Pass rewarding you with views of Kuk Sar and Pamiri Peaks. The 'Haute-Route' across the Hindu Raj climbs Chilinji An & Karamabar An Passes to reach the Yarkhun Valley north of Chitral.

You might visit the the revered Shrine of Baba Ghundi and experience Wakhi Tradtion with Alam Jan's father Hadji Mohammad. Horses, Yaks & Donkeys are available for riding or to help you transport provisions for your adventures, and if you need an experienced guide Alam Jan will help you with Communication & Contacts.

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